Chanel Runway Fashions 2019/2020

Wednesday, 3.6.19

I decided to do a post of five videos of Karl Lagerfeld’s final work in Chanel and Fendi. Some of his muses, models and friends share their experiences and memories of Karl Lagerfeld.

#1 Chanel’s Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 Full Fashion Show

I actually like these clothes. I used to dress like this during my 20s, which was in the 90s, after I graduated from college. I wore a lot of houndstooth and knit skirt suits. 

This runway show was Lagerfeld's final fashion show, but he wasn't around to see his final show. 

#5 Chanel’s The Cruise 2018/19 Fashion Runway Show

I added this Chanel runway show because these themed fashion shows were what got me first interested in watching runway shows on Youtube. I also remember a grocery store designed fashion show. I forgot the other themed ones that I watched. But I think the theme decorated fashion shows look fun and entertaining.

I wear a lot of nautical clothes. I even have similar striped pants like these, as well as other clothes and berets in this video. 

But Karl Lagerfeld is in this video. He shows up at the end, on the cruise ship, waving bye to his models. 


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