Celebrate Your New Shape

After having a baby, a lot of women’s bodies don’t snap back to their former size easily. For some, their bodies don’t snap back at all. It’s disheartening as a new mom that all of your clothes that used to fit are sitting in the closet collecting dust. In your mind, you’ll get your old body back one day, but sometimes that day never comes. It’s important to remember that even though you’re a few sizes away from the body you used to have, you’re still the same person and those extra pounds shouldn’t stop your happiness. Added curves only mean that you’ll look amazing in new, bold clothes like a wide leg jumpsuit or even a daring new dress.

Be You, Be Beautiful

Gaining weight after a pregnancy can make you unhappy, but how you look on the outside shouldn’t reflect how you feel on the inside. Most new moms don’t have the time to lose the gained pregnancy weight, and if it’s fine with you it should be fine with everyone else. Just because you’ve put on a few pounds doesn’t make you any less beautiful. You may start to see yourself in a new light with extra weight but as long as you continue to love yourself, that’s all that really matters.

A Gentle Reminder

Pregnancy weight that doesn’t come off serves a purpose, whether you see it or not. It’s a reminder that there was once a human growing inside of you. What’s so wrong with keeping that reminder around for a bit? As a woman that has given birth, you know how hard those months were and once your little love has entered the world, nothing else really matters. After having a baby, the world around you changes and little things like not being able to fit into your old favorite outfit no longer matters. Whether you lose the weight or not, you’ll always have your new baby to remind you that it was all worth it.

Stepping out after having a baby and not losing the extra weight may seem terrifying at first because of how people will view you, but in reality, none of that matters because you’ll always be a beautiful person with a beautiful baby and your new body will look amazing in a wide leg jumpsuit or anything else that you decide to wear. It’s what’s on the inside that matters and the love that you have for yourself and your new-found shape should never change.


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