Budget Tips To Save Costs While Buying Your Wedding Jewellery!

Jon Snow may know nothing, but we sure know our way through contemporary and traditional Indian jewellery. So we have rounded a few ways in which you could work to get your favorite jewellery on board by refining sets that coordinate with your outfits.

Take stock of existing gold

Having been born in an Indian family ensures that our parents have been buying and saving god jewellery since forever. We all have noticed those thick gold chains, big fat rings and much more – your wedding gives you a chance to review this jewellery. It’s time you take out all those big fat chains and cold bricks which can be sold in exchange of some new jewellery. Being a smart bride, you must know that having a tasteful and trendy jewellery box is much better than having hundreds of unwanted pieces.

Don’t buy everything together

We advise you to make stagger buys. This way, you’ll be able to have more cash in hand to spend on one item. Mix and match your old jewellery and layer it with the new ones to make them appear bigger and better at the same time.

Mix and Match

Mix and match is the new trend. So mix silver with gold and pearls, precious stones; try rubies with diamonds- anything that you can replace with a more budget friendly stone is welcome. Don’t worry, this will only cut down your cost while the design will stay the same.

Don’t shy away from wearing non-gold pieces

With so many contemporary Indian jewelry brands coming up with some stunning jewelry designs, don’t shy away from wearing non-gold jewelry pieces. There are so many brands and labels that sell stunning statement pieces without actually burning a whole in your pocket. If you already have your eyes set on a design, just get a picture clicked and get it made in silver with gold polish or even 14-18k gold, this way you won’t spend a bomb but still get your favorable design.

Chokers win

The fact that chokers are smaller in size, which means less gold will be used. Chokers cost you much less!

Look at pearls or beads

According to the ongoing trend, you would want to wear a beautiful pendant devoid of those long chains. They also cost more, so you might want to add a pearl or beads mala that can overshadow the whole piece.

Blouse Neckline

The necklace constitutes the most important part of bridal jewellery. If the whole silhouette is not in sync with the neckline of your bridal outfit, your outfit will fail to exhibit its full glory. It will also dull the exquisiteness of your jewellery. Make sure you pick your neckline plus necklace corresponding to each other.


Already have a kundan set but don’t want to repeat it? Improvise ladies, just improvise. Pay your jeweler a visit and ask him to add either pearls or colored beads to give it a new look and voila! You have a completely new piece that most of the people will not be able to recognize. In case of earrings, if you no longer wear them – you can turn them into pendants.

One outfit with no neck jewellery

If you decided to go for an off shoulder outfit on your mehendi or sangeet night, we suggest that you skip wearing a necklace. Instead, carry a spectacular pair of earrings with a bold cuff to gain an edge over your outfit. If you think that’s not you, you can also choose to wear a dainty choker which will not take away the neckline of your outfit.

Do your research

A lot of contemporary jewellery stores offer low or no making charges during festivals. We say, take advantage of the ongoing offers and save yourself a huge amount.

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