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Balaclava knit top – Gucci

Who in their out right minds would create such an ugly looking sweater that honestly mimics blackface. Well apparently Gucci would put something like this out, and during Black History Month of all months. I’m not one that wears or shops at Gucci, but talk about a slap in the face to its African American consumers or anyone dark skinned. My question is, is this the type of ignorance Gucci has, and did they really think that someone of color would purchase this? And for $890?

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From the looks of this, Gucci obviously does not have anyone of color behind the scenes to voice what this comes across as. With all of the headlines about those being criticized as being racists for doing blackface you would think that a brand like Gucci would be aware of what it portrays, but from my view they just contributed along with the other ignorant individuals in society. As an African American myself, it is hard to forgive a brand for doing something like this, even if it were by accident. Blackface is blatant disrespect towards African Americans, but if you are not African American or anyone dark-skinned you will never understand. My response to Gucci is…….. Scusa le tue scuse

F’ ck your apology Gucci

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Written by Thomas Gouard

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      • It really doesn’t look compellingly like blackface to me, but I accept that it could be seen that way. But ugly? Yes for sure! Similarly with Katy Perry’s shoes:
        Could be, they are just trying to make waves and get attention, but quite an expensive ad campaign if that’s what they really were, with the hoes retailing at $129 a pair, and the jumper at at whopping $890!
        Anyway, both of the lines have been removed from sale and apologies proffered. If someone cannot find it in themselves to forgive something done by accident, and apologised for, then I am afraid they are only responsible for their own bitterness. We all need to find a way to be generous to our fellow human beings, and try to move forward in a spirit of siblinghood.

        • Thank you for posting the link of the Katy Perry shoes because I had not known about them. With the Katy Perry shoes, I can see where she was trying to go with it, but if I were one to create these shoes I would have from just went with brown instead of black because it can be portrayed as blackface with the black face and red lips. I’ll share my thoughts on it, but I believe that these designers need that input from someone culturally educated because things like this tarnishes all their credibility. A verbal apology would be more acceptable versus a social media typed message because verbal we or atleast I can see true emotions.

          • I wouldn’t have gone with those shoes in any variation, but that’s just a question of taste. And you’re right of course that such designers need some input from the real world!