Art Students Styles in Paris

As a Social Scientist, I observe my surroundings a lot, mostly at crowded public areas, such as malls, downtown streets, colleges, and various events and parties because that is where I get creative inspiration, whether for novels or artwork. So, when I watched this video, I thought it was interesting to check out art students’ fashion style in Paris, France. They tend to be individualistic and unique, preferring to use fashions to express themselves and their story. Most of these students prefer shopping at thrift shops and wear hand-me-downs.

When I was a college student, I preferred to shop at downtown LA’s garment district as well as wholesale stores in the garment district. I also check out street vendors and Swap Meet, whether in LA or local. I still go to malls, especially to search for a specific item that I really want. But I mostly just shop around a lot because I like to check out my options and the availability before I decide which best fits my needs and lifestyle.


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