Adult Coloring Book Preview: Fashionable Women

This is the Adult Coloring book that I created that l I consider to be the first one that is titled, Fashionable Women. Well, there was an original version of Fashionable Women that we did put out but let me just say it was well mediocre. It wasn’t up to the standard of what is expected of an Adult Coloring book, and when I found the online Image editor we decided to take the original book down to take this coloring book to the next level.

Now to the coloring book itself, I am someone who always loved fashion and when my sister and I decided to get into adult coloring books, I came up with a concept of doing a coloring book about women in fashion, thanks in part to illustrations I saw out on the public domain website pixabay.  But easier said than done, as said above the first one wasn’t good quality, I am very proud of the second attempt and even took it out to Youtube to do a video of it, which I am showing here. The adult coloring book goes into not just fashion throughout the ages but also fashion influences of various cultures.


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