8 Summer Trends 2019

Wednesday, 5.29.19

I decided to post this video because I agree with these picks. And, I have older similar items that I can work for this summer. I didn’t write the designer label on my list because you should buy your items from your favorite designer. If you window shop, then you will notice that they all make basically the same thing or same thing, just slight differently and with their name on it.

  1. Off-The-Shoulder Long-Sleeve blouse. I have a similar blouse, and one older blouse doesn’t have sleeves. 
  2. wicker basket weave earrings–i probably have one somewhere, which I usually wear during summer or spring
  3. platform flat sandals–I have some older ones, but I think they are falling apart.
  4. Bermuda shorts or long shorts–I have a few older ones
  5. tie-dye long pleated skirt–I dyed my white flowy skirt blue during the nights. But I have tie-dye shorts/blouse and tye-dye pants/off-shoulder blouse.
  6. Overall Shorts–I have worn that since childhood.
  7. Jumpsuits—I have a couple from the past.
  8. Little Rectangular Shoulder Bag–I have a couple


What do you think?


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  1. my post is filled with typos. I accidentally wrote the wrong word, which is probably MS Word issues because when I write fast, MS Words changes my word to something else. and these words don’t makes sense in the above sentences. i wish i can edit this post…

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