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6 Tips to Survive Humidity and Heat

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

What to wear in hot and humid weather?

  • Wear fabrics that breathe well, such as cotton, linen, modal, and Tencel. Make sure these fibers are light weight.
  •  Wear light-color clothing, such as white, light blue, peach, neutrals, light green, pink, yellow, and lilac.
  •  Wear smart-cut clothes, such as A-line skirts and dresses, skater skirts and dresses, long loose dresses with slits on sides, loose maxi summer dresses, loose blouses, wide leg pants, and culottes.
  •  Wear the right shoes, such as sandals, cotton socks with sneakers, and open shoes.
  •  Accessories…during summer, feet, toes, fingers, etc will tend to swell.
  • Makeup…don’t wear foundation, and keep it clean. I think the best makeup is a bronzer with sunblock.


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