6 Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

Sunday, March 31, 2019

I decided to check out Justine’s video summary of Spring/Summer 2019 fashions because I like French fashions anyway. So, I wanted to check out her top trends. She lists 6 trends, in which I have seen these all year, maybe even since 2018. I already have everything on this list. I might just need to modern how I wear my clothes and accessories for 2019 styles.

  1. Yellow is the Spring/Summer color…I recently saw a purse I liked in yellow, but I was wondering how long this yellow trend will last. So, I decided to wait longer to think about it before I make a decision.
  2. Utilitarian clothes, I guess such as cargo pants and safari-like clothes with huge pouch pockets. I have seen these items out for a couple of years. So, I don’t think they are something new.
  3. Crotchet and embroidery…I have clothes like this since the 90s; and, a couple of years ago, I even loomed some items for fun, mostly halters, beanies, and scarves.
  4. lace–I have lots of lace items, in which i usually wear in layered form. They have been popular for a while now.
  5. denim suits and denim accessories…I have always had denim clothes and accessories because denim never really goes out of style.
  6. biker shorts…I have some from the 90s because I used to wear them a lot, whether for cycling, gym, or casual wear.

All these 6 trends seem practical, and might even end up being considered classic must-have pieces soon.


What do you think?


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