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5 Must-Have Basic Shirts

Monday, 5.13.19

Basics are a must-have because they are so practical and versatile as well as timeless. I have such timeless pieces that I have bought, probably from the 80s and 90s. That is why I like all my clothes, even the older ones, because I thoroughly think about buy everything before I buy it to make sure I really like it. I will list her top 5, before I will add my top 5 below it.

I decided to post this video because I like most of her ideas or agree with her on most things. I also like Steve Madden merchandise, and I actually have a Steve Madden blue belt that I bought at Ross or TJ Maxx for my oval gemmed belt buckle because its original belt tore. The Steve Madden blue belt actually looks better with this belt buckle. 

  1. Covered Button Shirts. I think I have two shirts like that. 
  2. Turtleneck. I agree, but I usually like wearing turtlenecks during cool months in a layered look. 
  3. Striped long-sleeve bateau blouse. I have one similar in blue and white stripes with red felt Monte Carlo logo that I got from Monte Carlo, France. I love that blouse because it looks so spring and nautical. 
  4. Denim Button-Up Shirt. I used to wear mine a lot during the 90s. But I think I have two.
  5. I used to wear Nordstrom BP clothes a lot when I was younger, which is mostly during the 90s. I have always liked V-Neck blouses, whether t-shirts or sweaters, especially with jeans and leggings. 

While watching this video, I realize I have a lot of timeless basics in my closet. That is why I like my old clothes, even the ones that are now tight. That is why I need to lose 10 pounds to get into my old clothes that I still like. 

My Top 5 Must-Have Shirt List:

  1. White Tee for layered look
  2. White Shirt for layered look
  3. Camisoles for layered look
  4. Cropped sweaters with skirts
  5. Long Sweaters with leggings


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