5 Ideas for Spring 2021 Fashion

Saturday, February 27, 2021

What’s popular for Spring 2021? I decided to check out this video because this Youtube is French.

  1. Pink—wide-legged pants and jacket outfit, or even skirt/jacket outfit.
  2. Green—consider a green shorts or skirt with green blouse or matching jacket.
  3. Blue—outfit, whether skirt, shorts or dress.
  4. Multicolored—like those chanel knit pieces.
  5. Monochromatic white outfit or a monochromatic black outfit. Or, a combination black/white outfit.

But since it is springtime, the colors should be vibrantly bold and bright, like the colors of spring flowers that will be blooming in your garden.

Who knows where everyone will be going during this spring? I guess to outdoor luncheons and evening sidewalk cafés. Or, maybe even window-shopping in the downtown area or outdoor malls.



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