5 Ideas for Organizing a Costume Party

Our heads are constantly crafting ideas for all sorts of parties and events. Here are 8 ideas to organize a costume party in your home, in a party room, in your town, wherever! But in disguise!

1. Encourage attendees to go disguised at the party

Of course, it’s a costume party! Although it sounds obvious, it is not nonsense. At a costume party you have to go disguised but even being one of the funniest parties, you always find the typical straggler or who thinks that dressing up is a children’s thing!

2. Choose the costume

This is very fashionable the “DIY” (Do it yourself) concept if we become modern, “do it yourself” or home made disguise of a lifetime. The homemade costumes turn out to be, in most cases, the funniest. Putting a little ingenuity you can make your own costume at home without spending a lot of money. If, on the other hand, you do not have the time or the desire to think about a costume go to a costume company and let yourself be advised by professionals with experience in the world of disguise.


3. Hold a costume contest

This will encourage the guests to get involved in the party and look for an original and fun costume. Think about the categories of prizes that can give more play to the party, by groups, couples and individual, such as the prize for the most fun, original, sexy or geek disguise, the character of the year, the best characterization and above all To reward the elaboration and originality of the disguise.

4. Organize a themed costume party

Thematic parties are very fashionable because they are the perfect excuse to have fun recreating past times, traditions from other parts of the world, movies or get into the role of your favorite characters. Take time to think about the theme of your party, for example costumes inspired by historical characters, the most viral characters of the year, the 80s, the wonderful 1920s, hippie party, Hawaiian, Hollywood stars, famous couples or masks venetian.


Once you have chosen the theme decorate the room for the occasion , select the music according to the theme and prepare activities for the guests such as role plays, discover the mysterious character or a karaoke contest.

5. Karaoke Competition for Costume Parties

What a great idea! Renting a karaoke is always a good option for any party. In a costume party can be presented as a  contest of imitations singing as the character of your costume.

If you think that renting a karaoke is complicated or you can go on a budget, you’re wrong. You can find karaoke machine rentals from $200, the rental companies are in charge of the installation and you can even count with an entertainer DJ.

If you are low on budget and don’t want anything fancy, you can ask your guests to appear in their deep v neck prom dress which they were wearing on their college prom night.


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