31 February Fashions 2019

The Cover LV Photo looks futuristic, where the yellow brick road moves toward a futuristic and circular tunnel into another world, most likely an unknown world that has yet to come…

Monday, 2.4.19

I decided to write a February Fashions post based on the window-shopping during the recent mall meetup. This fashion post has to do with winter fashions 2019, with accent on Valentine and Lunar New Year. So, this month’s main color is red, and there are some Chinese-inspired accessories.

1. I notice lots of cropped pants.

2. pale pastels and pale neutral colors.

3. Soft colors

4. moto jacket in bold color or metallic.

5. Traditional outfits in bold colors.

6. Trendy Casuals

7. Sport Casuals

8. Everyday Casuals

9. leggings and pencil skirt

10. Short Bobs with bangs

11. Camouflage

12. khaki and olive green clothing

13. Elegant outfits

14. Vintage-inspired feminine outfits.

15. Trendy Youth Outfits.

16. Sophisticated Outfit

17. Monochromatic Outfits

18. Monochromatic Pale Pastel Outfits. (These two soft pale outfits are probably my favorites).

19. Monochromatic Red

20. Red with neutral beige.

21. Fire-like Fendi Outfit

22. Monochromatic Red and Monochromatic Black outfits

23. Men’s suits wit prints and plaids.

24. Monochromatic Red and Monochromatic Black

25. Vintage-inspired dresses and skirts in soft colors with modern shoes.

26. Spring 2019 outfits

27. Business Casuals

28. Asian-inspired Tunics

29. Casual Men’s-Wear

30. Bold print leggings with skirts and jackets.

31. Traditional Casuals.


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