10 Must-Have Things In Your Purse

Finding the right balance is tough. Especially between stuffing everything in your purse and leaving it empty. Many women struggle with making up their mind on what to carry with them. Fear no more, today I am going to tell you my secret to purse-packing.

These 10 different items will cover almost everything you need for a good day. Therefore, without further ado, let’s get on to my ultimate list of prerequisites;

1. Aromatic Essentials (Carry-On Size)

Naturally, the woman always tries to stay fresh and smell good. Thus, it is a wise idea to always carry pocket-sized perfumes. Discover your favorite fragrances and carry only a small portion of it. Deodorant would also be a good option if you are out for a short trip.

You can also carry a roll-on, which is easy to apply and comes in small sizes. There are fewer chances of spills with a roll on. But, it might not blossom the fragrance. No matter which one you prefer, always keep some aromatic essential in your handbag.

2. Moisturizing Essentials for Your Skin

During your time out, it is always good to be hydrated and moisturized. Hence, carrying a good hand cream is a plus. It could keep away foul odor and can also double as an ointment.

You should also keep a lip balm in your purse as well. It can work as a protective layer over your lipstick. Or, you can simply put it on your lips to keep them hydrated. Always carry hydrating essentials if you are out in the elements.

3. Sanitary Essentials to Stay Hygienic

You never know when a period will hit you like a bi**h. Consequently, carry sanitary pads with you all the time. Or, a Nova cup if you use one. Just make sure that it is cleaned and sanitized. You can also keep some tissue in your purse for backup.

Hand sanitizer or hand wash is also another great hygienic essential. It keeps you germ-free and you can use it on the go. Choose a bottle that is smaller in size for easy portability.

4. Power Bank or Charged Batteries, Backup Data

You do not want to feel stranded in the middle of nowhere with an empty battery. Subsequently, it is wise to keep a backup battery. On the other hand, you can also charge your phone with a power bank. Just make sure that the power bank is full before putting it in your handbag.

You should also carry a USB pen drive with you just in case. You might need to receive or send emergency data out of the blue. A USB pen drive can come in handy.

5. Touch-Up Kits According to Your Preferences

Doesn’t matter if you like makeup or not, it is good to have a touch-up kit. It can be just a hairbrush and a mirror or it can be the full thing. A touch-up kit will help you stay fresh throughout the day and keep you looking orderly.

You can personalize the touch-up kit as you need. Use a zip lock bag inside your purse to keep the touchup kit aside. Add mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, powder or any other toiletries.

6. Writing Essentials For Swift Notes

Keeping a book, a note and a pen with you is always a wise step. It helps you take down notes and deliver slips on the go. You can keep track of your tasks with the help of the notebook. Sometimes, it is better to store your contacts in a notebook for accessibility.

You can also carry slips of shops or discount coupons inside. Plus, you can stay more oriented with the notebook. So, it is a good practice to carry writing essentials with you.

7. Emergency Multipurpose Backup Kits

Things can become awry out of nowhere. Hence, a backup kit with small essentials can be a lifesaver. Carry safety pins, extra tissues, Band-Aid, sewing tools and other emergency items. It will help you get out of tricky situations like a pro.

But, it could also make your purse a bit heavy at times. So, it is better to carry only a small portion of it. You would stay organized and carry light at the same time.

8. Healthy Snacks/Bars/Mints

Nothing feels alright when you are facing the world with hunger! Sometimes we are so consumed in our work that we skip our meals. But, you can always carry some nutritious snacks like dried fruits and snack bars in your purse.

Plus, try to keep mints on your handbags. Our mouths have bacteria and sometimes it starts to stink. The mints will be your savior to fight the unwanted odor.

9. Backup Cash and Cards

I have often found myself in circumstances where I do not have enough cash. It can put people in quite awkward situations. Backup cash is much needed to get out of such incidents. Always keep a few bucks at your disposal and make it your backup cash.

You can practice the same thing with cards as well. Keep a secondary card in case another is rejected. It is a smart move to carry some extra currency all the time.

10. Other Weather Dependent Items

There are other items to consider as well. These are mostly dependent on the weather in your area. If it is too hot outside, try taking sunscreen, a hat and a pair of sunglasses.

If it is too cold or windy, have a scarf inside. For rain, you can put some extra plastic bags and an umbrella inside the handbag. Check the weather and decide on the items.


There are no limits to the things that you can put in a purse. But, these guidelines give you an idea of what the essential items are. I hope this article helps you in better pack your handbag.

Let us know if you have some pointers as well. Until then, stay fresh and stay prepared. Sayonara!

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