Yoworld Fashion Challenge in Scotland

Monday, November 15, 2021

Challenge 5 in Yoworld is a fashion challenge to design a party outfit. It takes place in downtown Glasgow, Scotland.

My first avatar received 4.1; this Scottish lass party girl has long auburn hair, lots of makeup, animated holographic dress, tartan sash, Scottish strappy shoes, blue designer purse, utilitarian Scottish waist purse, autumn leaf earrings, and gingham fedora with autumn leaf pin. She also wears an animated knit scarf in purple and yellow that she loomed herself, while relaxing on the Scottish coast with her collie and sheep pets. As a vegan in Scotland, she is considered to be a modern Scot, as she proudly waves her Scottish flags to Free Scotland from the New World Order agenda.

My second avatar received 3.6 on her Scottish party girl outfit. She is wearing the same animated holographic dress with leaf earrings in a different color. But she is also wearing black mesh fingerless long gloves, white fingerless faux fur glove, black Scottish strappy shoes, tartan sash, black utilitarian highlander sporran, black and gold designer purse, and light blue faux fur earmuffs. Her stylish coif surprisingly seems to be well-kept in the windy and wet Scottish weather. Besides her Scottish flags, she also carries a hot cup of coffee spiked with liquor and a hot cacao spiked with liquor.


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