Youtuber Exposes Chrissy Teigen

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Chrissy Teigen recently deleted 60,000 tweets about being a pedophile and cannibal. She also blocked 1 million people from her twitter page. She sounds mentally ill, promoting gibberish on Twitter. She is promoting the pedophile and cannibalism agenda because that is about celebrity of the rich and famous.

A REMINDER: “pizza” in pedophilia lingo code means small child.

She would rather eat a human than turkey. She is also a racist because she stereotyped that Asian man as a cannibal because many Asians eat everything, and she stereotyped him as a cannibal.

She later claims that she has been hacked for 11 years, and that was someone else tweeting all those pedophilia and cannibal tweets.

I am not even familiar with Chrissy Teigen’s work. Not sure if she is an actress playboy model, or annoying promoter on the networks.


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