You, a TV show on Netflix

I am trying to figure out how to describe this TV show to you. For those of you that have seen Gossip Girl the main character in You was in that. He played a completely different role in Gossip Girl. His name in real life is Penn Bagley and in Gossip Girl his name was Dan and here in You his name is Joe Goldberg. You starts out with showing he works in a bookstore in New York. It flashes back to his first girlfriend he met and that he accidentally killed her and buried her. It turns out she was still alive when he buried her and she came back to haunt him. It flashes back to that they have unfinished business. It is a very strange show and I really do not like him that much in it. Maybe some of you might like it. I found it on Netflix. I am still watching it now. He meets someone that he thinks is the one and because he feels some people are not good in her life he gets rid of them. He also gets rid of her too. His first ex comes back to make his life miserable so he has to leave New York to reinvent himself. He goes to Los Angeles and he meets someone there. He wants to do things right there but he still does things wrong. I do not know what will happen with the one he meets in Los Angeles so like you I have to wait and see too. Maybe you will want to check it out and see if it is something you may want to get into. I want to see if he becomes a good person in the end or not.


What do you think?


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        • Thanks Doc. Is she telling you to write what she feels you should write or is she even paying attention to what you are writing. I guess because I liked him in Gossip Girl that I do not like him being evil in this one. I just cannot put a finger on it, but, I really did not like what he did to those people. Some did deserve and also he cannot handle finally meeting someone just like him, but, what scares me is that they are having a baby together and I am worried if the baby will be just like them.

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