Yesterme Yesteryou Yesterday

In 1969 and it was sad to see the 1960s going away. It was an anxious time for my mom because since we had lost my dad she was not looking forward to me becoming a teenager. In 1969 I was 12 and the 1970s would start my teen years with teen heartthrobs and lots of great rock and roll. It would be my learning period and I could not wait. 

There was plenty of good music on the charts and I offer the song titles in my poetic way. 

He had many choices,

there were Honky Tonk Women

and Sweet Caroline and Proud Mary.

These Eyes were curious,

with Suspicious Minds.

He knew that Someday We’ll Be Together,

but in the meantime, he was surprised to meet,

A Boy Named Sue.

So he knew that,

Down on the Corner,

there were,

Everyday People,

who made it Easy to Be Hard

and he wanted to say,

Smile a Smile for Me,

feeling like he was in,

Crimson and Clover

and soon was singing,

The Wedding Bell Blues.



Believe it or not, there were still plenty of songs I did not mention in my poem. The one song I highlighted was “Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday” by Stevie Wonder. I have always found this to be a sweet and touching song when remembering times that have been. Wonder recorded the song in 1969 and included it on his album My Cherie Amour. It became his ninth Top 10 single of the 1960s. It was surprising to find out that Wonder also recorded an Italian version “Solo te, Solo me, Solo noi” which translates as Only you, only me, only us. 


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