Wyoming Art Perspectives: Jalan Crossland


Years ago we headed to Ten Sleep, Wyoming to meet some of my husbands family. There is not much that goes on in Ten Sleep, but on the 4th of July it is a city and that is when we went and met Jalan. He is an amazing musician and person. He is down to earth, grateful and not afraid to say what he thinks and show what he feels. 

We went to the rodeo and they had a calcutta. We sponsored a team and won over $3000.00 on their rodeo winnings. We laughed and enjoyed the rodeo. Every kept talking about Jalan was playing later. While the rest of the family was eating, I wondered. As soon as I heard him playing I literally ran back to get my husband. “You have to hear this now.”

We listened for hours and at the end of the night as we were walking off he said “hold up”. He had to say it a couple of times before we realized this stranger was talking to us.

“I don’t know where you folks are from, or how you ended up here, but I want you to know that you two are the best audience I have ever had.”

I looked around and said “There is at least an audience of 500 people, maybe twice that much.”

He said “Yup and when I saw you bring your man back under the tarp and watched the way you two listened, reacted, clapped and somehow understood, that whole show was for the two of you.”

He is performing about 60 miles away from where we live. I saw he was playing and have continued to follow his music. I told my husband he was going to be there. He said “It might be fun to go enjoy it. “

I purchased the tickets and decided if he really didn’t feel like going one of my friends would probably join me.

Jalan remembered my husband, he’s kind of unforgettable. He got a hold of my husband’s nephew, who had moved away from Ten Sleep years ago and asked if we still lived here. He got our number and called. I picked up the phone and heard the banjo playing and whispered “Jalan, is that you?”

He let out a big bold laughter. “You recognize me after all this time!”

“Absolutely! What’s going on?”

“Well I am looking for an audience of two and another magical moment, it’s never been that way again. Do you think you two could make it tomorrow?”

I said, “Well we bought tickets and the plan is to go. Don’t know if will just be a friend and me, the old man had not decided.”

His tone got a little more serious. “Is he on his death bed?” 


“Then put him on the phone.”

I didn’t listen to the conversation, but I could hear music on the off. They were on the phone for an hour. I guess he’s coming to the performance with me. It should be an interesting evening.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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