Workout 10.8.21

Friday, 10.8.21

Another wet morning in Irvine, CA. But it wasn’t raining. It must have rained late at night or very early morning. I decided to go to the gym. 

I did 1 hour of Rumba, before going inside the steam room for a couple of minutes. I was drenched in sweat from the steam. I went into the sauna to dry up. The steam room was empty today, but the sauna was full of people. 

Then, I walked 25.48 minutes on the treadmill with the Haleakala Run video. I burned 302 calories in 1.72 miles. 

I drove back home and sipped a cup of homemade soup. I ate some cashews, on the side. 

By 1:22pm, I noticed the sun is coming out. I might go to tonight’s Woodbridge walking meetup, unless it suddenly starts to rain again. 


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