Workout 10.15.21

Friday, 10.15.21

I was watching the movie, Rosemary’s Baby again on the indie channel because it is interesting to watch. Halfway into the movie, right after Satan rapes Rosemary, and the naked Satanists stand around Rosemary, chanting in the Satanic ritual while painting red blood on her body, I noticed it was 5:30 pm, and I have an evening walking meetup. So, I turned off the TV and drove to Woodbridge. 

8 people showed up for this evening’s walking meetup. I walked 5 miles, 11,084 steps, and 1 floor. The weather was warm this evening. Yesterday evening was kind of cold. 

I returned home at 8 pm and ate a snack. I drank a lot of water.  I watched this interesting video about Rosemary’s Baby, where Roman, Mia, and others are interviewed. 


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