Workout 1.4.22

Tuesday, 1.4.22

Today was a long workout day. I went to the gym in the morning as well as an evening walking meetup. 

My gym workout started out with 15 minutes of meditating inside the steam room and sauna, mostly to warm up for the actual workout.

Then, I went on the treadmill and decided to do the Mount Everest Base Camp trail in Nepal. It was 35 minutes and 30 seconds and 2.36 miles, and I burned 403 calories. 

I then went on the stationary bicycle and cycled for one hour, burning 100 calories and cycling 7 miles.

By noon, I drove home and made a cup of hot cacao with hemp milk.

At 6 pm, I drove to a nearby community for the Turtle Rock walking meetup. 8 people showed up. It was cold. The upscale residential neighborhood was hilly, with lots of steps, as well. So, I got a good workout, walking 4 miles, 10,205 steps, and 29 floors. I work my new Vibram Barefoot shoes that I finally accidentally found. I like walking in them. Wearing them feels like Birkenstock, and they are wide-toed so that I can also wear toe-separators. Good for my feet therapy. 

I returned home and ate a bowl of popcorn. I feel tired from my all-day workout. In total, I did 13.36 miles and burning at least 503 miles. 


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