Workout 1.18.22

Tuesday, 1.18.22

I started my morning workout at 9:30am at the gym. After relaxing and warming up inside the steam room and sauna for 20 minutes, I went on the treadmill and walked the Hirosaki Park Japan trail, which took me 67 minutes and 50 seconds to walk a 4.57-mile treadmill trail. I burned 695 calories.

I also did a couple of minutes on other machines until 11:30am. Then, I returned home.

At 6 pm, I went to the Woodbridge Walking Meetup. 15 people showed up. It was cold tonight, in the 50s. I walked 4.5 miles and 12,166 steps for 2 hours. 

Then, I drove home. 

In total, I walked 9 miles in a 4-hour workout. 


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