Without Value

To destroy the value of an award, it is given to an entity or person which doesn’t deserve it.

Whether it is done deliberately, such as Trump handing the Medal of Freedom to a racist, sexist guy like Rush Limbaugh who never did a blasted thing for America, freedom or anything but his pocket, or accidentally honouring some one like Aung San Suu Kyi with the Nobel Peace Prize by mistaking her situation as being some kind of political prisoner, what suffers is the value of the Award.

There was a time, if one delves into history, that the Academy Awards meant something.

Millions of people would watch the ceremony, and those who won deserved what they received.

Yes, many great stars never received the Award, many weren’t nominated,  but no one could disparage the ones who won.

That was then, this is now.

Now, Movies which few people want to see, performers who create no excitement are given Oscars.

The Hurt Locker, which won in 2009 did not gross $15 million dollars.   This means few people went to see it.  Avatar grossed $2.78 Billion dollars.

The fact the Hurt Locker won and Avatar didn’t proves the point that the Academy has no awareness of what the public wants or appreciates.

Over the years, less and less people bother to watch the ceremony. Less take an Award as an acclimation.

In ancient times when a Movie won, or Actors won, the movie would be re-released and crowds would race to see it.  Now, many people don’t even watch the ‘winners’ even if it is on television.

Tonight the Award ceremony will be broadcast.  Will you be watching?


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