Wild Thing

When The Troggs came out with their number one hit “Wild Thing” on July 30, 1966, it spread like wildfire through the world of rock. The song caught on and became a smash hit. At the time I was only 9 however when I got into my teens this song and other rock classics from that time were still popular and played a lot. I loved this song so much that I had friends who began calling me “Wild Thing”.

This song was written by New York songwriter Chip Taylor in 1965. It was when The Troggs recorded it that it became a big hit. Other hits from this band include “With a Girl Like You” and “Love All Around” Jimi Hendrix performed “Wild Thing” at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 however the version that The Troggs recorded was the one that was added on TV and movie soundtracks.


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