WIFI that easy to catch hidden weapons and bombs in enclosure boxes

Scientists claim that the hidden objects hidden in secret boxes, materials, arms and bombs can easily be found through WiFi signals and very low cost. Canada’s Rutgers University of New Brunswick engineers presented a research in ‘IEEE 2018’ conference held on the subject of cyber security, communication and network, which was introduced via WiFi to travel suite case and secret-hidden firewall material in the boxes. The research was also awarded with the honor of “Best Analysis of the Magazines” at the World Conference.

Engineer reported in their research paper that dangerous materials contain mostly metal and liquor and such materials are hiding in specially prepared paper and fiber boxes, So that prohibited content can easily be moved. Wi-Fi waves pass through these metals easily and this  project is completed by working on the same principle.

Scientists have named this project as the “WiFi Weapon Detection System” which was used on more than 15 metals and materials. This system detected 99 percent of the hidden content hidden in bags. This system will be installed on airport immigration counters, which will be able to capture the fire materiel or explosive  without less workforce and CCTV cameras.

After the positive response on this research, Rutgers University’s engineers have begun to work on enhancing the capacity of arms and fire material detection systems through WiFi. It is expected that soon after some more advanced and necessary modifications, this technology will be available to the common people.


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