Who is Prince Harry's Real Father?

Saturday, 11.6.21

It was always obvious that Princess Di and Prince Charles weren’t happy together. And, it was always obvious that they both had separate lives and many affairs. Everyone wonders about Harry’s real father because Diana wasn’t intimate with Charles when she suddenly and magically got pregnant. 

So, what actually happened?

The two videos below analyze the situation…

#1 Reading On The REAL Relationship Between PRINCE CHARLES & PRINCE HARRY!

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Is Prince Harry really the son of Prince Charles? There is evidence that Prince Charles isn’t the father, and the truth will eventually be revealed. Moreover, James Hewitt isn’t Prince Harry’s father.

It is a younger man, and most likely a staff member. Someone was hired to rape her when she was unconscious. It appears to be a dark ritual. She wasn’t aware of it. someone higher up, pulling strings to make this rape scene happen to impregnate her.

#2 PART 2 On The REAL Relationship Between PRINCE CHARLES & PRINCE HARRY!

She was surprised that she got pregnant because was wasn’t intimate with Charles at that time. But she loved Harry.

A very powerful man explained to her the story.

What was Prince Philip’s involvement? It was his idea. It appears Prince Philip is the real father. They wanted a better chance at creating a future power in the monarchy. They wanted to create their bloodline. It is also known that many Luciferians are inbred.

Who give the Royals orders? It was an order handed down to Prince Philip. Even he was in the dark about most of it. The person is old and cloaked. It was a rite, passed on through generations, in performed in a ritual.


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