Whitney (2018) documentary review

Wednesday, 7.11.18

At 3 pm, I walked by the local theater, and I noticed the Whitney documentary. I decided to go see it because I used to listen to Whitney Houston songs in the 80s and 90s. It was an interesting documentary about her ghetto childhood in Newark, New Jersey, when her parents worked hard to move to a better neighborhood, where Whitney attended Catholic School and singing in a church choir. Cissy Houston named her daughter Whitney from and old actress named Whitney Blake on the vintage TV series Hazel. (I used to watch Hazel when I was a kid). Whitney Houston eventually got into modeling before starting her singing career. Her mother, Cissy, had groomed her for a career as a singer because Whitney wanted to be a professional singer since she was 13. So, her mother had taught her everything she needed to know and she had helped her get started, in which each step had gotten her noticed and made her famous.

It was also noted that Bobbie Kristina Brown had grown up fast for her age because she was always around adults. At the end of both of their lives, they were both found drowned in a bathtub, in which is an Illuminati symbolism for the portal door to the other world, although they didn’t mention anything about Illuminati. But I remember someone noting that Bobbie Kristina used to find drawings of devils and demons in her parents’ bedroom.

(By the way, I googled the vintage actress Whitney Blake because she was before me time and I had no idea who she was. Whitney Blake’s real name is Nancy Ann Whitney. She was married three times to Tom Baxter, Jack Fields, and Allan Manings, and she had three kids with Baxter. Her daughter is Meredith Baxter in popular 90s TV series Family Ties)


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