Which Eyeglasses are best for You?

Monday, March 16, 2020

Consider a style, based on creating balance, contrast, or character, whichever best fits your personality.

Rounded frames look best on people with soft faces. Square or rectangular frames with sharp edges will create a contrast on a soft face.

Long faces would better in big frames or frames that cut low on the face to shorten their long face, giving them an illusion of an oval face.

Cateye frames has a face-lift effect. (my new reading eyeglasses frames are cateye but Tiffanys).

Black, brown, white, clear, tortoise frames, and color frames.

Small, narrow, rectangular frames, probably during the 90s, is likely to look best on rectangular face.

Aviator frames looks 70s and sporty.

Browliner eyeglasses. I used to have two in the early 90s, both sunglasses, and one was prescriptive sunglasses.

From my experience buying glasses, I don’t like circular frames on my face. Black frames tend to be too overpowering on my face. I like tortoiseshell frames, as well as clear frames, brown frames, metal frames, and no frames. I also don’t look good in square or rectangular frames with sharp edges—it cuts my face in a weird way. But in do have small oval sunglasses from the 90s, which look OK, and I still wear them. Since I accidentally broke my old clear eyeglasses that are now back in style, I decided to move on and buy tortoiseshell Tiffanys eyeglasses. Both my eyeglasses and reading glasses are tortoiseshell, but one has cateye frames and the other eyeglasses is slightly squarish with rounded edges, which looks best on my soft face. I also need to make sure the frames aren’t too big for my face because it makes me look clownish. And, since I am small boned with narrow and low nose bridge, most eyeglasses seem too be big for my face or they just don’t sit right. That is why I like Tiffanys and Swissflex by Italee frames the best because of fit and comfort.


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