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When the Beast Fell In Love with the Beauty

It was 1991 and a whole lot of fantastic movies came out making it a most difficult decision for the Academy. I know that I was among the many people holding their breath as the nominees were called out at the 64th Academy Awards ceremony. It was held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Los Angeles Music Center on Monday, March 2nd, 1992. It was a most exciting ceremony with Billy Crystal hosting.

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In the “Silence of the Lambs,” we came face to face with a nightmare in the guise of Hannibal Lecter who was a cannibal. It was the most disturbing film which gave us thrills and chills. With fantastic actors like Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. This movie took many of the awards including both Foster and Hopkins as Best Actress and Best Actor. 

Billy Crystal as the host of the awards made a really interesting and I could say amusing entrance reflecting on Hannibal Lector.

We met up with Arnold Schwartzenegger again in “Terminator 2”.

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I don’t think I will ever forget the tension that built up in “Cape Fear”. A psychological thriller that had me looking behind me for a long time afterward. From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat.

Who could ever forget Walt Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”? I was walking around singing all those songs and dreaming of wonderful romances. Even though I was no longer a kid I could watch this movie over and over again. I even fell in love with the Beast just like Belle when he was still a beast. He was a most handsome fellow with or without fur.

Thelma and Louse” those two naughty girls had me laughing and enjoying myself a lot.

We were taken back to Neverland and got to revisit Peter Pan in “Hook”.

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I had always enjoyed watching The Addams Family on TV. So when the movie came out I was thrilled to see them on the big screen in “The Addams Family” My only regret was that the original actors from the TV show couldn’t have done the movie but time marches on. Angela Huston and Raul Julia did do a fantastic job as Morticia and Gomez Addams.

I wasn’t overly thrilled with “City Slickers” but then I was never really into westerns. This was an American western comedy and a lot of people really enjoyed it. Featuring such great actors like Billy Crystal and Jack Palance.

I could keep on writing because these are not the only movies of that year but then you would get tired of reading an endless post. You probably know most of these movies and have seen at least some of them. They can still be seen today and I know that after writing this I’ll be watching “Beauty and the Beast” one more time. That leaves us to take a look at the winners for this year.

And the winners were:

Best Picture: The Silence of the Lambs

Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins (“The Silence of the Lambs”)

Best Actress: Jodie Foster (“The Silence of the Lambs”)

Supporting Actor: Jack Palance (“City Slickers”)

Supporting Actress: Mercedes Ruehl (“The Fisher King”)

Director: Jonathan Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs”)

Song: “Beauty and the Beast” (“Beauty and the Beast”)

As you can see this “The Silence of the Lambs” was a runaway hit. If they had not been animated I would have given the awards for Best Actor and Best Actress to Belle the Beauty and to the Beast. I was happy to see that at least the song award went to this wonderful Disney film.


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