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When Pretty Women and Demented Women Were the Tops

It was 1990 and for me, a real fan of Old Hollywood movies they were fast losing their magic. This year was a real surprise and a delight with movies you could really enjoy just like in days gone by.

I know a lot of people really loved “Goodfellas” but I was never really a Mafia movie fan.

At Christmas time we were delighted by a boy who thought he had made his family disappear in “Home Alone”. He also taught us a thing or two about taking care of would-be burglars.

I’m a big fan of wolves and find their howling romantic. As long as they stay in their place and I stay in mine I enjoy listening to them. So I loved Kevin Costner in “Dances with Wolves”.

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine meeting a man who had scissors for hands but there he was living in that old mansion in “Edward Scissorhands” portrayed by Johnny Depp. Just like the heroine in the movie, I would have loved to go back to that house and to see if he was still there.

Julie Roberts gave me the urge to dress up really stylish and strut down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in “Pretty Woman”. It would never have been my style to be a lady of the night in Hollywood but to live the fantasy of Cinderella and find a rich prince, now that is an entirely different thing. This was a dream-like movie and enjoyable from start to finish. That Roy Orbison song stayed in my mind for a long time afterward.

Then there was Kathy Bates who gave me a week’s worth of nightmares in her portrayal of the demented lady in “Misery”. I had read the Stephen King novel and was really looking forward to the movie and I have to say it didn’t disappoint at all.

Finally, among my favorites there was the romantic and utterly sad movie “Ghost”. I saw it several times and each time I was crying. Just recently I watched it again and this time the thought that Patrick Swayze is no longer with us really made this move a tear-jerker. Now I get a shiver anytime I hear that song, “Unchained Melody”.

Of the Schwarzenegger films that came out this year I loved “Kindergarten Cop” because it combined action, adventure, and romance. Also, who could possibly resist all those adorable kids?

Well as I said it was a banner year for movies and reminded me of years gone by. I know that I would have given more awards to “Pretty Woman” and “Ghost” than they actually received.

The 63rd Academy Awards were held at the Shrine Civic Auditorium on Monday, March 25, 1991, and were hosted by Billy Crystal.

And the winners were:

Best Picture: Dances with Wolves

Best Actor: Jimmy Irons (“Reversal of Fortune”)

Best Actress: Kathy Bates (“Misery”)

Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci (“Good Fellas”)

Supporting Actress: Whoopi Goldberg (“Ghost”)

Director: Kevin Costner (“Dances with Wolves”)

Song: “Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man)” (“Dick Tracy”)

I would have loved to have seen Patrick Swayze win Best Actor for “Ghost” and for Song “Pretty Woman” but you can’t have it all.


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