What if Seinfeld, Mad About You & Friends Merged into One Sitcom?

Saturday, September 21, 2019

This video is interesting because it connects Friends, Mad About You, and Seinfeld because they were all 90s sitcoms, and the characters lived in the same part of New York City. And, some characters from these shows guest appeared on each other show. (There were actually more episodes where the characters visited each other’s show, still in their character. I extended the ending of this video with other episodes I remember from these shows).

What if these three shows merged into one sitcom? Monica and Seinfeld dating, and eventually getting married would be a good thing because on Friends, Monica was anal and lonely, unable to find someone.

Phoebe finally connects with her estranged twin sister. Ursula used to wait on Paul, Jamie, Lisa and friends at a restaurant. Joey dates Ursula, Phoebe’s twin, and Joey and Ursula might have eventually gotten married.

 Paul Buchmann hangs out with Seinfeld’s friend. Paul gives his old apartment to Seinfeld’s friend, and they bond together, smoking cigars. Meanwhile, Jerry Seinfeld is married to Monica and writing for an NBC sitcom.

Jamie and Fran stop by at Central Perk and run into Phoebe, but they think it is their ditzy waitress Ursula at the restaurant, unaware that Ursula has a twin sister just as dimwitted.

Seinfeld runs into Paul and Ira in the NYC streets, and Paul is starstruck, chasing Jerry to network with him about a future job. Jerry freaks out, thinking Paul is a nutjob.

Phoebe’s phone job connects her with a Seinfeld character who is depressed, and she talks him out of committing suicide. He continues to call her, eventually asks her out, which leads to a long-term dating until they get married.

Back at the restaurant, Jamie and Paul deal with ditzy Ursula. Meanwhile, at the drycleaners, Monica picks up her clean laundry, realizing a leopard-print camisole isn’t familiar. She is pissed off that her husband would send some other woman’s clothes teddy to the drycleaners.

Back at the restaurant, Paul and Jamie deal with ditzy Ursula. Monica goes home and argues with her husband, Jerry. Monica separates with Jerry. Phoebe meets Ursula at the restaurant for their birthday. They exchange gifts. Ursula gets Judy Jetson thermos, while Phoebe gets a knit cardigan.

Jerry calls his friend to hang out, but there is a woman with his friend. He realizes he is alone now, and he gets back with Monica. Phoebe tells her that Joey likes her a lot, but Ursula shrugs it off.

Then, eventually, Lisa, Jamie’s older sister runs into Rachel at the mall because Lisa and Rachel both work at the mall, and Rachel sets up Lisa with Chandler, which leads to a long-term romance until they marry.

Rachel decides not to take the job in Paris because she realizes that she loves Ross. She returns home, works in NYC, and marries Ross.

And, all three sitcoms end together, with all the characters living happily ever after.


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