What Happened to Nichol Olsen & Her Daughters?

Friday, April 9, 2021

After watching this psychic reading about a woman and her daughters that I have never heard of, I decided to do my own internet research.

2 years ago, in January 2019, Nichol Olsen, 37, was found dead from gunshot wound to the head with her daughters, Alexa, 16, and London, 10. They were found in their home by Nichol’s boyfriend, Charles Wheeler, who said he returned home after spending the night elsewhere to find them dead. Bexar County Medical Examiner is working to determine their deaths.  Nichol Olsen and her two young daughters, Alexa Denice Montez and London Bribiescas, were found dead at her boyfriend’s Texas mansion, near Boerne, which is 25 miles from San Antonio.

Although it was announced that Nicole had killed her daughters before shooting herself, but Bexar County’s Sheriff Javier Salazar said he doesn’t believe that Nicole is a murderer and he refuses to sign the final forms on the case. They are performing further investigation to make sure it is true before accepting such claims.  Sheriff Salazar feels that there are more people who know what actually happened.

Nicole Olsen had made 5 calls on that night, on her cellphone. The first call was to Wheeler’s mother, but the phone wasn’t answered.  The other 4 calls were to 911. Moreover, it was noted that 3 of these calls had been disconnected before a 911 dispatcher had answered. On that call, Salazar declined the details of the conversation. It appears that this call was short, and it is difficult to find the GPS positioning.

Although there is no suspect yet, Alexa Denice Montez’ father, plaintiff Carlos Montez Jr, has filed a lawsuit against Nicole’s boyfriend Charles Wheeler for gross negligence and wrongful death.  Wheeler had left his gun at a place where Nichol can easily find it.

Hector Bribiescas, London’s father, had also filed a lawsuit against Wheeler, stating Wheeler had ignored Nichol’s behavior that night, which could have prevented the children’s death. That night, Wheeler was aware of Nichol’s irregular and erratic behavior because she wasn’t in the right state of mind. She was very emotional. He feared Nichol’s behavior could get threatening or lead to violence.

Wheeler’s alibi is that he was sleeping in his friend’s house on that night because he had gotten into an argument with Nichol, and he just left the house afterwards. But, the next morning, when he returned home, he found Nichol and her daughters dead. He called 911.


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