What Does Your Name Mean?

This video explains the meanings behind many Anime characters’ names. As a graphic novelist, I thought this video is interesting because I often flip through a Baby Names book to find an interesting name for my characters. These baby names books also have meanings for different name as well as origins, which is interesting. But each baby names book tends to be different, each might have a different listing of names; and, sometimes, the same name will have a different meaning in a different book. I sometimes find my name in a book and I sometimes don’t.

According to the 20,001 Names for Baby book that I bought from a used book sale when I was working on my first novel, Fifi Leigh means Jehovah Increases Pasture or Meadow.

Fifi means Jehovah Increases, which means God will add to or increase the good things to your life. Its origins is French, and it is mostly used as a nickname for many names, such as Josephine, Fiona, Sophie, and many other names, as well as French Poodle name. But it is also a regular name used in many countries and cultures.

Leigh means pasture or meadow, and its origin is Old English.

Therefore, Fifi Leigh means Jehovah increases pasture or meadow, or God will add to or increase good things in my life, within my surroundings and reach.


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