Walking Workout

Saturday, 7.11.20

I drove Woodbridge for a 10 am yoga meetup. After it ended at 10:30am, I noticed I was late today because it had already started at 9 am. I wasn’t aware they had changed the time today. At least, I worked out for 30 minutes. It was very sunny today, and they had changed the time to 9 am because it will be cooler. I drove home. Then, I decided to drive to the mall and walk around window-shopping. I walked around for two miles before returning home. After eating lunch, which included steamed veggies and a smoothie. I went walking across the street, and hung out at the UTC area, doing some writing exercises, which as very meditative. I also noticed the area was very active. I walked back home. 

I noticed I walked 3.7 miles and 8,694 steps.


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