Walking Meetup & Community Event

Tuesday, 8.3.21

At 6:30 pm, I went to the Turtle Rock walking meetup. 9 people showed up. The weather was nice and breezy.  Halfway on the hilly walk, we stopped at our usual Turtle Rock Community Park reststop, for bathroom break. There was a big event at the park, which was filled with a Fire Engine, SWAT truck, Police car, and Police motorcycle, as well as many booths and games for kids. There were also two food trucks–one selling snowcones and Empanada Maker Truck selling empanadas. The pictures on the truck looked good, especially the cheese and spinach empanadas. This appears to be an event for kids in the community. 

Anyway, I ended up walking 4.6 miles, 9775 steps, and 10 floors. At 8:30 pm, I noticed it was getting dark earlier, transitioning into autumn next month. 


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