Walking Meetup 9.17.21

Friday, 9.17.21

This evening, I went on the Woodbridge Walking Meetup. 5 people showed up. I walked 4 miles and 11,147 steps. I noticed this week that the weather has been cooling down, especially in the evening, and this evening felt like autumn. It felt nice. I like the subtle seasonal changes in So. Cali. 

I noticed a cute geese family–parents with their very small baby goslings. They were standing together on the grass like a cute family. When the mother jump into the manmade lake, the two babies jumped after her, staying very close to her. The father seemed to remain outside, appearing disinterested or maybe it is the mother goose’s duty to care for the babies.

It appears someone just proposed at the park…

Toward the end of the walk, the couple were still at their picnic area, but the “MARRY ME” proposal sign they put up with lighted up in the dark night.


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