Waking Life movie review

I went to youtube to look for a movie trailer, and I end up using this girl’s review because she explained it well and I agree with what she says. But I also decided to add a movie trailer.

Waking Life trailer

This 2001 film is another film that I first watched in the theater. I enjoyed watching this movie because it was similar to an animated graphic novel as well as I enjoy analyzing my own dreams. This movie also makes you think about life and what is really going on around you in life. It is sometimes too philosophical that watching this movie only one time is not enough. The more times I watch this movie, the more I get out of it because I discover something different about the scenes.

I don’t know if I put this movie on my top ten most intriguing films. But if I forgot, then it should have been on my list.

It was directed and written by Richard Linklater. He also worked on the cinematography with Tommy Pallotta.


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