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Can you imagine a world without music? I cannot. I find that music is something that gives my life meaning. It helps me relax, inspires me and entertains. Life without music would be like an ice-cream cone without ice-cream.

Over the last five decades I’ve listened to thousands of songs; while my preference is for rock music, I will listen to any genre that inspires feelings in me. However, over time I find myself coming back to a few dozen songs that really mean more to me than any other music.

These songs perhaps have a special place in my heart because they are linked to a memory – or because I can identify with the lyrics in some small way. Whatever the reasons, they become my own ‘best songs of all time’. Interestingly, many of the songs I consider the best are hated by many, and adored by others.

Music tastes differ by generation, by race and by country, but I feel that some of the best songs can transcend our differences and consistently be appreciated by most people.

I’ve chosen six songs that I feel are among the best ever, but more importantly I feel that they may also be on most people’s ‘best ever’ list.

Do you agree? Then vote the ones you like! If you disagree, then add your own song (preferably with a YouTube link). I’ll be very interested to see the opinions of others especially as Virily is international.

I look forward to your selections, and perhaps through your input I can discover new music.

#7 Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Here is my No.1 Best Song of All Time..

I think most of you guys will agree with me. Whitney Houston is an Icon and a legendary artist.

She might have been gone already in this world, but her memories will still remain. Because her songs are part of the history, and will never be forgotten.

This song "I Will Always Love You" will never die!

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