Virtual Reading for Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Sunday, 9.27.29

While browsing on Youtube in boredom, I suddenly clicked on this video, where a group of actors are doing a  virtual reading of the screenplay from the 80s movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I think they are doing a fundraiser.

Jennifer Aniston = Linda Barrett, who was played by Phoebe Cates in the movie.

Morgan Freeman = narrator

Henry Golding = Mr Vargas, Science Teacher

Jimmy Kimmel = (many characters)

Shia Le Beouf = Jeff Spicoli,  who was played by Sean Penn in the movie.

John Legend = Charles Jefferson

Ray Liotta = Mr Hand, History Teacher

Matt McConaughey = Mike Damone

Sean Penn = Pizza Delivery Man

Brad Pitt = Brad Hamilton

Julia Roberts = Stacy Hamilton, who was played by Jennifer Jason Leigh in the movie.

Dane Cook = Mark Radner

It is funny because they appeared to be middle aged people at their high school reunion at Ridgemont High. 


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