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Virily – the Trafic on the Dashboard Is Working Again

Hello guys!!!

If you take a look at your dashboard you will see that now you can see the accurate number of all collected Virils in all segments….. Also, the points segment on our Profile page is now working better and also the link for viewing all points is now working… ? I am glad that things are getting fixed, one by one, and thank you Virily……! 🙂

The only problem is the very low value of one Viril… ? I guess that is something we must work on by using the site more than we do now or something like that….. (?) :/ Maybe we should also get a word or an advice from the admins on the theme… I heard many users were unsatisfied with the changes and the outlook and maybe left or stopped using the site like they were before, but the good thing is that we can see the progress and the things which were not working well are now getting better…..! So thank you again Virily…!!! 🙂

Feel free to tell your opinion on how do you think the value of the Viril can get/we make higher and thank you for visiting!!!

And if you haven’t already you can also visit my Poll about the Virily changes HERE

The featured photo is captured by me.


What do you think?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. I’m new to the site and I’m enjoying it thus far- yet having a problem uploading my photo to my account, didn’t have the same issue with the cover photo, however.. Hmm? Glad to see that sites such as these pay for people posting, commenting, uploading original content, and participating! So much better than Facebook, imo.

  2. Low Virily value is because site gets low number of ads viewed. Members should more care to write high-quality content and attract outside viewers. It’s a way to increase virily value. More often share own posts and posts of other members to social sites. Every visit counts. But first of all, we should care about content quality, then outside visits will come too.

    • Talkin about content quality. I have found out by examing mani articles that a lot of photos are “stolen,” that is there is no permission from the original owner for others to use them. But articles that use photos without the proper link / or permission from the photo owners are often well written and good articles. So it’s not that peoples are “sheeting,” they simply are not photographers or don’t know how otherwise to decorate their writing, like when peoples are writing about how to make a thing and use photos from websites that have photos that show the way to do it.

      Virily advertises itself as a blog site, so writing blogs is of course what many do, of course, but finding matching photos or decorations to go along with the writing can be hard to find if you are not an illustrator or photographer. But you can use websites that offer free use of pictures, and there are millions of good quality, both photos, graphs, illustrations out there on the veb. I want to point out to those that are writing those good blogs also to look for good pictures to illustrate their articles. Free, high-quality photos are much, much better than just pick the first one you find on the veb.

      • I know, it’s easy for me to say, being both illustrator and a photographer. But I’m not a good blogger in English, so it goes both ways indeed. I’m trying to improve my writing. I can write in Icelandic, but the English is my barrier, but I try my best. I think the overall quality of the site is good and if just thous small things would be attended to it would be much better. Realy a win-win situation, the right articles having better pictures and the proper pictures having better text/blogs.

        Do you agree with me on this? We are doing good, but we could do much better whit not so much more work then we are already putting in it now. Just a little more. And I promise to try to write more, but just to let you know, it takes me about a half an hour just to write those few sentences here whit the help of a dictionary and my life saver, the application Grammarly. But I do it; I’m not going to let my dyslectic beets me, newer.

          • Sure, but we need to be 100% clear that just mentioning the source does not give us the right to re-use copyrighted photos. There’s a term for that, and it’s ‘copyright theft’. Google allows us to filter image search results to what is licensed to be reused, but even then conditions vary; sometimes you must mention the name of the person who created the work as well as its source. We can’t just take things that do not belong to us and do with them as we please!

      • Using other people’s photos is ok as long as you mention/add the source of the photo and thet way people know who is the owner.
        Regaridng the quality of the photo, it’s always better to have a good quality photo, but I agree with the ones that are of not that excellent quality too…

    • That’s one side of the equation, Fortune. Value per Viril is arrived at by dividing the total amount of revenue allocated to users, by the total number of Virils earned. Recent changes saw new ways to earn Virils, viz. upvoting and reacting, together with the removal of the limit on number of reactions allowed per post. So, on any post, a user can now earn 7 more Virils with 7 quick clicks. Obviously if the number of Virils earned increases, the value per Viril decreases. Until this change, the user earned 1 Viril for visiting the post and was exposed to whatever ads were on the page. The amount of revenue earned was offset by just 1 Viril. Now the same amount of revenue is being offset by 8 Virils (1 for the visit plus the 7 I just outlined). This is a no-brainer. It’s like the government printing money. So of course the value per Viril has dropped.

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