My view on living on the Cliff-face of Life.

September 10, 2017: On Virily by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press.

Sometimes I hang on the edge of a precipice on the face of a cliff. At least this is how I feel some days, that we’re on a cliff face in life. We are trying to decide whether to go up, or down, or to the side, while also attempting not to fall off.

We constantly struggle with life’s challenges, some of us live with goals, some without. But in the end, the result for all of us is the same. Some realising this and give up, others fight harder, while most meander on through life with the struggle not caring one way or the other.

My wife says I think too much, about things like life and goals, about the struggles and rewards and our end. I say most people don’t think enough about these things. Some of those who do get caught up on aspects that really don’t matter, while some hyper focus only on one aspect, forgetting that balance is needed.

I find the few who seek balance and don’t over focus on singulars and are rare. But these people are a happier lot generally, by letting life be what it is and finding peace by letting the chaos leave them.

We each have our load of chaos with our allotted time on the cliff face of life. Our options are limited, but they are not singular. We make our own choices in how we live our lives and how we approach each option we have. We chose our decisions which open our next choices. This is life and with each choice our spirit grows or diminishes by our decisions. When we die the realms reward us by how we lived our life and our decisions which we made, however we choose to believe and live our life.

I feel that there is no one right or wrong way, as we each are individual entities on the cliff face of eternity’s life.

This is how I’ve discovered my peace and learned to funnel my creativity in life. How I survive the crushing chaos of life and hang on to the cliff face of life each day.

By Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press September 10, 2017


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  1. I like this! I love this!
    By still appreciating your previous works, this pearl of life is very inviting and interest! The picture of the illustration is also catcher gaze.
    This part; “I feel that there is no one right or wrong way, as we each are the entities on the cliff face of eternity’s life.” is the most important part I like. Bravo, my friend Kenneth!


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