US Congress -First two Muslim women expected to congress member.

In the US this year mid-term elections of the House of Representatives is expected to be held in November. The two women belonging to the Muslim community will be members of the U.S. Assembly for the first time, they  will be a part of the United States National Government as a member of a religious community with Indiana Congressman Andrei Carlos, which many people in the United States have not understood better.

Religious and ethnic identity is passing through the process of change in America, and so, both of these women will represent the changing shape of the US Congress in the event of success.Somalia’s candidate for the Congress Ilhan Umar and Rashida Tayyab both belong to Muslim community .

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Both women belong to families affected by war, and both have faced hypocrisy about their religion by both the leaders of politics. However, they represent the progressive party of the Democratic Party, which is expected to get the control of the US Congress in mid-term elections in November. However, both of these women still have to succeed in the election.

In the event of success, both of these women will have to deal with the difficulties of America’s border security and immigration during the next session of the Congress in January.


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