United states. 11 children recovered from non-residential area

New Mexico:  US police have recovered 11 children from underground compound in new mexico.The condition of children with hunger is very bad when their situation was like a war slave.Two armed men have been detained from the compound. Compound did not have electricity and water facility.

The police started the investigation last year after a complaint received, In which a woman filed a case of child abuse against her husband Wajaj. In August secret official reported presence of an unusual place in the New Mexico border area of Wage.

The police started surveillance of mysterious compounds covered with tires in the non-resident area of New Mexico. This compound was planted by plastic cover so that the location of the compound could not be inspected. Meanwhile, the police received a text message by a private detective that children suffering from hunger in compound.

After the text received police decided to raid on that compound. During the raid, badly dressed 11 children were hungry recovered and two armed men Wahaj and Lucas Martin arrested. 3 women claim to be the mother of these children. These women have been provided safety and security.


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