Underneath the Lucifer Tree

The suspense is truly killing us all.  But now that most of the filming is done, we just need for them to start filming that last episode of Season 4, since they just started the last table read.  If they finish on time, then filming will end sometime in the middle of December, and everyone will celebrate the winter a little bit early.

Some actors will be flying off the Europe early next year for conventions, and interviews, and photo ops, but the rest of us Lucifans, will still be waiting for Season 4 of Lucifer, as the winter officially begins.

#1 Spring Into Netflix

According to a recent article published in German by, the new Season 4 of Lucifer, may not air sooner than April of 2019.  They quoted actor Aimee Garcia, from an Instagram post, responding to a Lucifan.  According to that response, since  Lucifer doesn't finish filming until December of this year, Garcia doesn't think the show will return until about April of next year.

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#2 Sitting In A Tree


I was shocked when I read the translation.  I just hope that Tom Ellis had a lovely birthday.  I also hope that actor Lauren German celebrates her birthday with style on November 28th.  Aimee Garcia also has a birthday coming up soon.  I guess that makes it two Sagitarians, sitting in a tree.....

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#3 Cutting and Editing


If the producers and editors of the show, get started soon, perhaps Lucifer will premier closer to Valentine's Day.  All of us Lucifans will be hoping with anticipation, that we will not get April fooled out of seeing the new Season 4 of Lucifer as soon as possible.  Filming ends in December, but there is still much work to be done behind the scenes.

Until Netflix announces when Season 4 of Lucifer will air, all of us Lucifans will wait for news wrapped underneath our collective Lucifer tree this winter.

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Written by Maria Ayala

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