I’m using a style of writing, which if we are fortunate enough to be around a capturing device like a laptop to do it at that exact moment, often delivers the most powerful results in writing, it’s called, WRITING HOT!It only really happens when the writer’s veins are still gorged with adrenalin from a so-called recent, rush, the aftermath being, not necessarily a state of total shock and dismay, but quite often not entirely unpleasurable… 

Such is the experience I have had only seconds ago from receiving this visually and even audibly nail-biting experience, from watching this video clip: “TOP 10 Extreme plane Landing (hard landing)”no descriptive storytelling on my part, will even mildly prepare you for what you will experience as you set out to watch, what you perceived, as just another compilation of my usual enigmatic, or whimsical fare, as in this case of mildly daring avionic moments, provided by yours truly, doing so, in full screen and with your stereo headphones in place.

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Well, there is nothing out of the ordinary in my narrative, and this much takes care of my personal story interjecture, since, I recently read, an amazing piece by a Washington Post, Bestselling author, Robin Colluci, where she, authoritatively writes, that for aeons:”No matter what you write, it MUST include a story and it MUST always be entertaining. 

The reason is, that people will always remember the story situation about your product or message, rather than the product or message itself.Now, on to the video clip, and may you get the same rush, or better yet…  

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