How to Type in English and Hebrew e-book

The skill of typing is more important now than ever. When I was going into 10th grade, I asked my Great-Uncle Henry what class should I take in summer school. I had to go to take some classes to get introduced to the school. He didn’t even stop for a moment, and answered.

” You should take typing!”  Uncle Henry.

“Aww, Uncle Henry, I don’t want to be a secretary!” I answered.

“But you never know, it will come in handy.” he said.

Now I don’t want to tell my my age, but this was in 1976. I went and took typing, it really was the most boring classes.  Each day we learned two new letter and spent a class period typing on these IBM Selectric Electric typewriters. We learned the “Home Row” then the upper keys, then the lower keys, then the keys for the right pinky, and lastly the numbers. So after that summer I knew how to type.

Fast forward to the year 2014. I now lived in Israel. I not only know how to type in English, but when I came to Israel I had to learn Hebrew. I went to a five month intensive class, and all my new words I typed on a manual Hebrew typewriter that I borrowed.

So I know how to type. But it is still amazing how many people work with computer everyday and don’t know how to type.

Why did I write this book? Well I will tell  you. I went with my husband to open a bank account. We waited a long time for the clerk. When we finally got to meet him, he couldn’t even type my name! Not in Hebrew and not in English. I asked him for the keyboard and I typed my information straight into the system.

So instead of getting angry, I went home and started to write this book. It follows the same system that I had to use to learn how to type  Mr. Triggs, you were a better History Teacher, but the typing has benefitted me even more than anything else I learned at University Sr. High School, in Los Angeles.

So now you know how and why I wrote this book.  If you still don’t know how to type, the you need to get this book and follow it everyday.  Good LUCK!


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