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True Love Ways

I always wondered if this talented and very musical rock and roll star was born under a fated star because he died so young and so tragically. Who am I talking about? Buddy Holly who was born on September 7, 1936, as Charles Harden Holly in Lubbock, Texas. While growing up Buddy Holly took lessons on four instruments – the piano, the violin, the banjo, and the guitar.

The first group he ever set up was while he was still in junior high school and they performed as Buddy & Bob. Bob Montgomery and he would play music such as “western and bop”. Remember this was the time when lots of adult folks didn’t like rock and roll. In 1955 when Buddy & Bob opened for Elvis in Lubbock, Buddy realized just which way he wanted to go with the music and knew he had the creativity to do it.

By 1956 Elvis had already become a superstar but he was performing material written by others. Buddy Holly knew he couldn’t compete but he also knew that he could write up a lot of great music of his own. Later on, Holly’s music influenced other rock and roll artists. Even though Holly’s recording career only lasted a little over 18 months he left behind a string of hits and classic rock and roll songs among them “That’ll Be the Day”, “Peggy Sue”, “Not Fade Away”, “It’s So Easy”, “Everyday”. “Oh, Boy” and “Maybe Baby”. One of my all-time favorites is “True Love Ways”. 

Buddy Holly perished in the now-famous rock and roll plane crash in 1959. He was only 23 but left behind so many great hits for future generations to love and listen to.


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