Top 3 Reasons You Will Love the Hogwarts House Quiz

Not so long ago a single mom living in poverty wrote a book. J.K. Rowling, now the most famous author in the world, has captured the hearts and minds of millions of readers of every age. Luck for us Harry Potter didn’t just stop at books. Now, everyone has the chance to step into the magical world of Harry Potter and find out who they truly are, with insightful quizzes.

Anyone that loves Harry Potter knows that Hogwarts School of Magic, is divided into four famous, and sometimes infamous houses. Each house is named after the original founder; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Who can forget the excitement in the first Harry Potter, when the sorting hat is placed on Harry’s head?! Now you can experience that magic yourself by taking Hogwart’s House Quiz. Here are the top 5 reasons you are going to love this quiz:

Reason #1: Find out who you really are

Who can resist a personality quiz? You know one of those quizzes that confirm, surprise, or baffle you but deep down you know they are right on. The Hogwarts House Quiz zeroes in on your true nature, just like the sorting hat. Each house has its distinctive traits. Gryffindor is known for being brave and chivalrous. Slytherin just as slimy as the name implies, has a reputation for being cunning and often involved in dark things. Hufflepuff is filled with loyalty and Ravenclaw smart and funny. Magiquiz makes it extra fun and offers you the chance you see if you are a combo of houses. Think you are all Gryffindor, don’t get upset when you have just a touch of Draco-like Slytherin. Take it one or more times and find out who you really are. Then guess your friends and see if you were right.

Reason #2: Find out who you will be when you grow up

Harry Potter isn’t just for kids. Still, so many of us wonder if we are living the life we are meant too. Stuck in dead-end jobs as depressing as a cramped room under the stairs. This Hogwarts House quiz goes really deep to find out what and who you were meant to be. Harry wasn’t meant to be a prisoner of Muggles, he was destined for greatness. You may not be a wizard, but everyone is destined for something phenomenal. This quiz delves as deep into your psyche, so you can find out what that is with amazing questions like:

  1. What is your preferred problem-solving method?
  2. There are four doors in front of you. Which one do you open?
  3. If you could choose how people remember you, what would you pick?

These questions and more intriguing discoveries await you at the end of this amazing Hogwarts House Quiz.

Reason #3: Experience life at Hogwarts

Ever wonder which class you would excel at? Find out with this quiz. Are you into potions or charms? Are you like Hermione with memory made fo the complicated plant names of herbology? What about Snape’s desire to teach the Defense of the Dark Arts? Or could we find you in the forest with Hagrid, caring for magical creatures?

How about those spells? Which one would come most in handy for your everyday life? A bit levitation maybe or would you love to have an object fly conveniently into your hand? Maybe you have made a few enemies and could use an Expelliarmus to disarm those opponents right away. What about what you do with a big test looming ahead? Are you a cheater, a slacker, or do you stay home, study, and do your best?


Magiquizs’ Hogwarts House quiz is so much more than an extra stop on the road to Harry Potter fandom. It can tell your innermost persona whether loyal, cunning, smart or a mixture of all three and more. Want to step into your purpose, this is a fun way to find out. Take it before you pick your degree, you might be at Law School but has your heart always said, be a vet? What about what makes you tick? Are you honest and true? Or do you crave power and fame? Would your friend describe you accurately or would they be surprised? Find out now, with this quiz.


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Written by Jordie