Top 10 Most Shocking Movies: Men Behind the Sun, 1988

This film depicts the executions carried out by the Japanese during World War II. The  Men Behind the Sun is the “individual” who created horror under the auspices of the country of the rising sun, Japan in the times of fascism.  And if over us, people: small and big, funny and sad, loving and lonely – the same sun is rising for everyone, then for those who were creators of one of the most terrible and cruel wars of humanity – it gave only its shadow.

Unit 731 is a secret home that carries out biological and other medical experiments with both animals and humans. The film focuses on the last participants of the experiments going on these premises. The film shows all the experiments that were done during the war.

The director perfectly reveals the non-human factor that has been used by many during World War II. When you watch this movie, you do not have to imagine how things should look like, because everything put like on the palm of your hand.

It must be understood that the war was something we cannot even imagine. The regime’s crimes must be well known to all so that such things are no longer repeated in history.

The film perfectly conveys all the horrors of the Second World War, but we just have to rejoice that we are not living at that time and no longer need to participate in such a cruel war.

In conclusion, I add that the film I really liked. Yes, it is creepy and shocking, it is currently the most brutal and creepy movie I’ve ever seen. However, this is not a fiction, but a real story that occurred during the Second World War. Films on real events are always interesting for me to watch whatever they are. This is a history and you need to know it. 

The film will definitely appeal to those who love cruel and creepy movies that are designed for real horror lovers.

Warning: I strongly advise you not to watch the film if you are too sensitive and nervous. The scenes of murder and violence are very realistic and not everyone can withstand them.

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